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A la carte cocktail

6 Bites, 2 Sweet Treats and 2 Mocktails

Discover the exclusivity of our catering service with the à la carte cocktail at Belle et Gourmande Traiteur in Montreal. Create a personalized experience with our refined amuse-bouche menu, ideal for various events such as 5 à 7, family gatherings, birthdays, and receptions. Enjoy an affordable caterer in Montreal, offering fine bites and a cocktail appetizer menu that will delight your guests. Choose our catering service in Montreal and transform your event into an exceptional culinary experience.

What is included in our offer
  • Travel from Montreal up to 35 km at no additional cost

A special offer is available for groups of 50 guests or more

Section 1: Salads (1 choice)
Selection 2: Elegant Sofas (1 choice)
Selection 3: Hot Puff Pastries (1 choice)
Selection 4: Side dishes (1 choice)
Selection 5: The essentials (1 choice)
Selection 7: Sweet treats (2 choices)
Selection 8: Freshness (without alcohol) (2 choices)

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