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Belle et Gourmande

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What lies behind
Belle et Gourmande

Since its inception, Belle et gourmande has offered its customers a refined savory and sweet selection for all occasions, in our "sweet" corner offer an exceptional taste. The other ingredients used to make our creations are always selected with choice, which guarantees that they contain, among other things, fresh fruit and high quality chocolate.

  In addition to our   "salty" corner offers you dirty trays of your choice as well as personalized charcuterie and cheese trays adapted to the taste and style of your next event. Our savory platters are filled with a variety of meats, cheeses and accessories, dried and fresh fruits, nuts, olives, jams, crackers and much more 

We invite you to consult our catalog to find your delicacy.

At Belle and Gourmande, meet the visionaries behind our culinary journey. With a passion for gourmet experiences and a dedication to excellence, our owners bring a wealth of expertise to every dish we create. Discover the creative minds behind the delectable flavors and innovative concepts that make Belle and Gourmande the epitome of culinary excellence
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Our Products

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Composed of a wide variety of canapés, verrines and other skewers, the Belle et Gourmande savory range will delight you with its diversity and the finesse of its flavors.



The heart of Belle et Gourmande's know-how: a range of sweet pastries made up of cakes, delicious entremets, surprising sweet appetizers, ...

Event Catering


Buffet Brunch

Complete Brunch Experience, Fresh Elegance, Aesthetics and Exquisite Delights with Service and Decoration Included

Buffet Dinner

Elevate your events with our high-end buffet dinner, perfect for weddings and aperitifs



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Salty Box

Savor the elegance in our savory brunch boxes, bringing together cold meats, cheeses and more.

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Sweet Box

Discover our sweet brunch boxes: original and revisited flavors, with donuts, cakes and more, for a memorable group brunch

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